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mBIT Master Coach

My name is Jonno.  I have always been fascinated to understand why people do what they do, the stories we get trapped by and how to perform at our best. Not too long ago my world spiralled into darkness, but it was that exact journey that gave me the tools to dance and play through this beautiful life with creativity, compassion and courage.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship that provides you with the skills, techniques and habits to live life by your greatest dreams, passions and goals.  It is a process that looks to provide greater clarity, higher performance and less stress into your world. Conquer your goals, enhance your relationships and express your true self with coaching.

Heart-based coaching

A compassionate road to success

mBIT and mBraining

What is mBraining

mBIT stands for multiple brain integration technique. mBraining is a powerful process developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka.  It combines NLP, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and more to align the intelligences of your head, heart and gut and balance your autonomic nervous system to help you gain clarity over your thoughts, emotions and actions.

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Life Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

Do your dreams get drowned out by your head? Do you struggle to take action when it's needed most? Is there a goal you have been struggling to reach? Coaching can help you find what's missing, reignite life's spark and gain clarity on how to meet your human needs for a  brighter future.

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Stress busting

Calm, focus and less stress

Life can be stressful, which can quickly cause issues in all areas of your life.  Let me teach you specific techniques to reduce stress in your life, control your state,  enhance energy and balance to ride life's waves, regain control and be more present in each moment. Techniques such as meditation, better nutrition, effective sleep, productive work flow and more to succeed each day.

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Sports psychology

Increase your performance

How good can you really be? These sessions will look to take your game to the next level.​

  • eliminate your negative beliefs

  • create an unbeatable mindset

  • enhance concentration and focus

  • optimise your energy

  • gain intense clarity on your goals

  • get into flow faster

  • visualise for success

Learn the habits and techniques to unleash your true potential through coaching.

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Coaching for Tourette Syndrome

Coaching & guidance

Are you someone with Tourette Syndrome or dealing with Tourettes in the family? Having lived with the condition my whole life, I have deepened my understanding of Tourettes, understood effective tools to improve symptons and have first-hand experience of how to go through school, relationships and work to thrive. If you or a loved one or have this condition yourself, I would love to support you through your journey.

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Weddings and speeches

Coaching & script writing

Do you have a speech coming up? Maybe it's for your big day or perhaps an important event for a loved one? Let us take away any added stress of the speech so you can focus on the important planning. We can help with your confidence, clarity, reading without notes, techniques to elevate your impact and teach you how to get into the perfect state every time.  We also have a fantastic script writer on our team who can work with you to develop your ideas and transform them into a memorable experience.


No matter the focus, get in touch for the first step towards a better future.

“Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

Albert Einstein

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